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Grants Pass Metaphysical Library
210 NE EVELYN, Grants Pass, Oregon
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The community-based Wisdom Center is a membership lending library, music and art space, study center and event center. Our salon and library is called GRANTS PASS METAPHYSICAL LIBRARY. We are happy to offer the community important classic books that advanced human knowledge and became perennial favorites. They are works that suggest who we are and why we are here. The newer books in our library importantly continue that noble tradition.

Help us reveal a more positive future engaging global vision for a better world. Wisdom Center sponsors educational forums and research for expanding awareness, conscious creating, and shifting into more aligned identity.

The Wisdom Center also presents new kinds of art made possible by the advances of science and the needs of human spirit. GRANTS PASS METAPHYSICAL LIBRARY presents teachers who connect with and draw people seeking both presentations of ancient wisdom and the unification of scientific and spiritual knowledge. Many of the presentations are experiential, so we can interact together. We'll do connective things for our bodies as well as minds, having fun in the process.

Topics include spirituality, metaphysics, art, science, philosophy, mind/body science, human potential, paranormal reality, holistic living, new paradigms, community design, social responsibility, humane economics, emotional intelligence, self-regulation techniques, hypnosis, dreams, creativity, imagination, passages, healing, music, mysticism, wisdom traditions, sacred psychology, earth changes, ancient cultures, shamanism, Egypt, creative physics, futuring, human survival technologies, multimedia, new media, communications, psiberculture, and more.

This learning organization is not affiliated with any religious, spiritual or mystical path and does not endorse any particular system. Our search to know is not to be right, but because we crave understanding and living connection with Wisdom and Souce. We support you in your own beliefs, service and practice as well as in drawing your own conclusions. Ours is a shared vision of team learning, community learning, developing a shared vocabulary and vision, finding common ground.

The Wisdom Center is a not-for-profit, volunteer-operated organization, a teaching and research center providing easy access to books, videos, and audiocassette programs on a variety of metaphysical, spiritual, self-help, and paranormal subjects. In addition to our lending library, Wisdom Center also organizes topical meetings in response to member interest.

You can join with a simple membership, which includes book and video/DVD borrowing privileges. There is a sliding scale of donor contributions, and family membership discount. Those interested in donating should inquire and volunteers should apply to the Board.

Come share YOUR collective wisdom.





Wisdom is about inspiration, healing, meaning and purpose. Collective wisdom implies we interact in those dimensions. As well as a lending library, the Wisdom Center is a great place to learn and exchange new ideas and information. We hope to create a lively forum where thoughts and feelings are shared freely and regularly, with warmth and heartfulness. We want to open the worlds within and expand our world without.

Many unusual subjects appear daily on the radio and Discovery, History, National Geographic, SciAm and other channels. We have become acquainted with other cultures and spiritual paths. We have been mystified by testimony of those who have gone one step beyond so-called normal reality. Perhaps we've noticed a distinctly mystical trend in science when describing the deep nature of existence and our existence.

In short, our worldview is changing. The old entropic notion of a "clockwork universe" has been profoundly revisioned in creative cosmology and physics based in underlying limitless potential. This potential is within us; we are that. We are not machines, but complex multidimensional psychophysical organisms, being and becoming.

These radio and TV programs stimulate as many questions as they answer. So, jump down into the rabbit hole with us; explore the Twilight Zone from the comfort of your armchair. The Wisdom Center offers you an opportunity to go deeper into those topics, exploring your own interests at your own pace through discussion, books, audio tapes and video/DVD. It also offers a place to gather and share experiences and tales of Mystery and perhaps create a little Mystery of our own. Our mysterious capacities direct us toward ultimate reality.

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." -Marcel Proust

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WISDOM IS a direct apprehension of our intrinsic interconnection that is grounded in compassionate action. In some traditions this contact has been characterized as an experience of a feminine nature. Knowledge arises as a result of past experience and the transmission of that knowing. Wisdom is discernment, and commitment to a course of action based on that discernment. Wisdom arises as a direct intuition of the existent interconnection of life. Knowledge may or may not be wise. Wisdom is always so.

Knowledge is transmittable information that has been tried and found to be true. Much of our conventional social norms are built on this form of knowing. But the source of wisdom speaks to us from another dimension of our experience. Wisdom is our living legacy to be directly experienced as part of the art of being human.

Let's experience wisdom together.


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